Skype Lessons

I offer Turkish lessons in skype for learners in all levels. Basically, I ask $9 for one hour. That may change according to the level. So the price is negotiable. I offer lessons in all skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening.

                                            Who am I?

I have just graduated from university after studying 5 years (one year prep school) majoring in "Teaching English as a Foreign Language". I also majored in "Foreign Trade" from through distant education. I studied Turkish Sign Language for one year. I got trained in writing story and poem. I can speak English in advanced level, Korean in upper-intermediate level, German and Arabic a little. I have experiences in both teaching English and Turkish.

I will try to do my best to apply all language teaching methods during those lessons.

Contact me at:

한국분들에게: 요즈음 한국에서 사니까 한국에 계신분들에게 스카이프대신에 얼국ㄹ 보고 하게 튜터링도 해요. 터키어 배우고 싶은 분들이 연락 주세요! learnonlineturkish@gmail.com에 이메일 남기세요!


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